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Our guarateen to you: Every cent of your donation goes to helping stray animals and caring for them until finding a lovely foster home in Shanghai

The HelpingHands organization is a 100% non-profit individualized organization that promotes animal rights and ending animal abuse. We  care for homeless strays in Shanghai until finding them a lovely foster home where they could be cared for. We updates the latest news of animal abuse in China and hopes for a change in protecting the rights of animals. We would  gratefully appreciate your donation to this cause or devoting your time to volunteer. Sign-up to receive the latest news on the dogs policies and movement in China and information on the best products suitable for your beloved pets. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring or volunteering.

HelpingHands是一家100%无利益组织, 宣传爱护狗狗. 如果有想领养上海的流浪狗, 请联系我们.
Email: Helpinghands
Telehpone: +86 13585860569
Email: 13585860569

Elizabeth.Tu -resident of Shanghai, loves animals and owns a pet Yorkshire.